Andree P.

I have been a patient of Alex Wakter D.D.S. for more than 17 years and during this time I have received excellent service and care from him and his staff. In the last ten years I have enjoyed Porcelain Veneers for which I still receive compliments from total strangers on a monthly basis! If you are considering Veneers, I would only recommend a certified dentist like Alex Wakter as I can assure you, you will be extremely pleased with the quality and after service care.

Nicolas D.

Service here is top notch. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I had such an awesome customer experience. As my insurance was about to expire in two days, I popped in to the office hoping to book a last minute appointment. The receptionists (Krystal and Nancy) were very empathetic and before I knew it I was shuffled in for an appointment the very next day! On the day of, they had me laughing and set me up with all the forms I would need before I even had the chance to ask. I barely had to wait and Candace cleaned my teeth to perfection. She made me feel comfortable the whole time and she’s a sweetheart. If you haven’t been to the dentist in a long time (like myself) just go ! They are fun and will greet you with open arms.

Sandra K.

Thank you once again for a speedy, professional and friendly appointment. Since I’m at your office so often due to the Invisilign Treatments, I appreciate the wonderful service. I was somewhat hesitant at first about the invisilign process but Krystal and Dr. Watker have both made it an easy and successful endeavour. Prior to becoming a patient at your clinic, I had a severe fear of dentists but that is no longer the case. Krystal’s friendly and knowledgable treatment has actually made coming to the dentist a positive experience. Sandra Kapasky

Paul T.

I had a fear of root canals from previous experiences but my fears were laid to rest with Dr. Wakter. A filling would have caused more discomfort. I was refered to a specialist, who was excellent as well, and then sent back to Dr. Wakter to finish the permenent filling. I was in and out of the office in less then a half an hour. The office has great customer service and a very friendly professional staff. The dental hygienist is the best, no pain or suffering when you leave and she gives you a toothbrush as a reward. I would highly recommend Dr. Wakter and staff to anyone.

Pierre O.

I have been a client of Dr. Wakter since the day he acquired his office 30years ago from Dr. cooper who was victim of a fatal illness. During all these years Dr. Wakter has always provided professional care and good advice with sincere kindness. One of his technical assistants, Carole, who has been taking good care of my teeth for over 10 years, is a model of efficiency. I could not find a better technician. At the reception desk, Krystal has always been helpful and of good humour despite the pressure from providing service to clients in person and from answering calls. She now forms a good team with Nancy, an new member of the staff, whose positive outlook and training in cosmetics at the Dental Institute in Las Vegas, NA, are real assets. Thank you to all!

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